Garth Brooks Hints At Big Announcement: Is A New Tour Ahead?

Just what is Garth Brooks hinting to in his mysterious website post? Many fans are hopeful he’s teasing that a tour announcement is coming, but nobody knows for certain quite yet. From the teaser the country singer posted, people won’t have to wait too much longer to find out the details.

Brooks’ website is currently showing a cryptic front page. There is lighting and thunder repeating in the background of the page, with a “G” icon in the forefront. In the corner it reads, “The wait is over…7/7.” As Rolling Stone notes, Garth hasn’t been on tour since 2001, and fans think it’s time he hit the road again.

At the time that Brooks decided to stop touring, he indicated that it was so he could focus more on his family. He had indicated that he planned to wait until his youngest child graduated from high school before he went back on tour again. As fans know, that youngest child graduated in May. Of course Garth hasn’t just been just sitting around doing nothing, but fans are anxious to see him back on the stage throughout the United States where they feel he belongs.

How likely is it that this Garth Brooks tease is indeed a tour? Many would say it seems pretty likely. During an appearance on Good Morning America back in December 2013, he did reveal that a 2014 tour was in the works. Until now, though, no further details have been revealed. Granted the big July 7 reveal could be something a bit less exciting, though fans would be thrilled to know a new album is on the way as well, if that happened to be the big news. Many would say it very well could be a combination of both a tour and a new album.

Though fans will have to wait a bit to know just where Garth Brooks’ tour will play — if that is indeed the big reveal — it does appear to be set who will be on tour with him. The country singer has said that his wife Trisha Yearwood will be performing with him yet again. When he teased the tour on GMA he said that the kids and Trisha were all fine with him touring again. He added, “So now I get to do what I love to do, which is play music.” Brooks made many fans swoon when he also said, “I get to be with the person I want to be with, which is Ms. Yearwood.”

Do you think Garth Brooks’ big tease and announcement is regarding a 2014 tour?

[Image via Taste of Country]