Sinead O’Connor Appears On Stage, No Longer Bald or Skinny [Pic]

Take a look at the newest set of Sinead O’Connor photos to circulate around the internet this week and you’ll hardly recognize the 90’s singer and her completely new look.

Famous for her cover of Prince’s Nothing Compares 2 U the artist toured through the 1990’s with a shaved head and a slimmed down physique, which have been replaced with a “more full” body type and hair!

The Irish singer has also donned a pair of glasses for her summer tour, making her unrecognizable to even some of her most die-hard fans. The photo shown above was taken when the 44-year-old singer was performing as a backup singer for Natty Wailer during a Bray Seaside Music Festival set on Saturday.

O’Connor had largely disappeared since 1992 when she drew criticism for tearing up a photo of pope John Paul II on Saturday Night Live in protest of sexual abuse at the hands of the Catholic Church.

Fans wanting to catch a glimpse at the singer can currently find her on tour throughout Europe, although don’t expect too many songs from Sinead who hasn’t released a new album since 2005’s “Throw Down Your Arms.”

What do you think about the singer’s new look? Before you judge though, I should mention that she’s the mother of four children, so take it easier on the changes to her body. I just find it strange to see her with hair, I can’t get over that fact by itself, let alone with all her other changes.

[Image: PEOPLE]