There Are Stupid Americans Ignorant On Why We Celebrate The 4th Of July, Video Proves This!

George Carlin once said that despite how much he loved his country, there are some really dumb people here. Now it is understandable why certain people may not know something, but the fact there is a video in which people don't know anything about basic history on the day the United States declared their independence from England on July 4, 1776.

This was tested out in an interview when author and activist, Mark Dice, went on the pier and asked people simple questions about the 4th of July. Being that we live in the Land of the Brave, Home of the free, and that United States history is a requirement in most public schools, it should at least be basic knowledge to know what was going on for Independence Day right? Unfortunately, this video will probably make you lose all hope in our American people. What's really sad is that Dice actually gives out tidbits of truth in this made-up interview for some people... and they don't even catch it. I mean, when the question is the following, would you at least know the answer if you listened:

"When we declared independence from China back in 1776, when Jesse Ventura signed the Declaration of Independence, what year was that?"
Despite how ridiculous the question is, he did say the year right? Also, you'd think this would be at most be three people who wouldn't know this but unfortunately, there is enough people who did not know anything about our nation's history to fill up a video that is over five minutes long. Not don't get me wrong, I did put a bit of a swing in there because we do have tourists who shouldn't know anything about our history (even though more people in foreign lands know the history of other countries, including the United States, than we do about our country), but over five minutes of people no knowing the basics of the 4th of July?

This type of reporting is actually nothing new for Mark Dice. We here at The Inquisitr reported numerous times he went out to the masses to report on made-up situations. This includes when he pretended to have a petition to have the third amendment removed from the Bill of Rights and announcing that the royal baby is the Antichrist. His hard form of exposing how ignorant the American people are, along with his numerous videos exposing the government and Illuminati music industry - in which it is believed Lindsey Stirling has jumped on the bandwagon with her song Shatter Me - his Youtube channel was eventually deleted by Youtube themselves.

This video, though uploaded last year on July 1, 2013, is getting traction again simply because tomorrow is July 4th. Will Mark Dice do another video asking people the same questions he asked back then? Who knows? I do agree with a report by Western Free Press though that this video:

"Let these pathetic facts be submitted to a candid world..."
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