Sonic Generations Chemical Plant gameplay video

If you played the original three Sonic games back in the day, a stage that is instantly recognizable – aside from Green Hill zone – would be the Chemical Plant zone. Naturally, then, SEGA is including it in their upcoming retro-meets-modern title Sonic Generations.

And, going by the videos posted over on YouTube recently, it looks like SEGA has done a fine job of crafting a zone that is fresh enough to be interesting, but at the same time is instantly recognizable to Sonic fans of any degree.

This has already been said several times over, but I think this just might turn out to be the game that breaks the cycle. Or maybe I’m just gullible.

At any rate, you can check the gameplay video of Sonic Generations‘ Chemical Plant zone, alongside the also-famous City Escape stage from Sonic Adventure 2, directly below.