Shark Attack Prevention Tech Called Clever Buoy Uses Smart Sonar To Warn Humans [Video]

A rise in shark attacks in 2014 is is predicted by experts based upon global warming and an increase in the shark population. But could new technology like the Clever Buoy help prevent many potential shark attacks?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a gathering of hundreds of sharks in Florida caught on video may worry some based upon the previously mentioned predictions.

According to the International Shark Attack File, there were 47 shark attacks in 2013, with two of them being fatal. Florida shark attacks accounted for 23 out of 47, with Hawaii being the second most dangerous state based upon 13 shark attacks. South Carolina also had six shark attacks, but California, North Carolina, Texas, Oregon, and Alabama each reported one, as well.

Shark attack prevention technology would hope to reduce those numbers, not have them rise. Various countries, including the U.S., are working on a shark tagging system that uses satellite systems. The biggest success stories involve a great white shark nicknamed Joan of Shark near Australia and another named Katherine the Shark has her own Twitter account where you can track where she is traveling. A company called SharkShield that is working on an electronic deterrent for sharks that is being developed in Australia (although so far the country has focused on a shark culling program that has killed many sharks).

Another company called Clever Buoy is producing a device that claims to be capable of detecting sharks lurking near beaches where humans may be swimming. Hailed as the “world’s first shark detection buoy,” Gear Junkie explains how it works:

“The buoy design is high tech but easily comprehensible. It is anchored to the seafloor near popular beaches and uses sonar to scan the water. When an object with the sonar signature of a large shark is detected, the buoy automatically sends a warning via satellite that is then received by lifeguards on their smartphones. While still in the research and development phase, Clever Buoy could eliminate or reduce the need for shark nets in areas with high concentrations of potentially dangerous sharks.”

The company has also provided a video showing the testing of the sonar that could be used to prevent shark attacks in the future… just not in 2014.