Kate Gosselin Says Kids ‘Begging’ Her to Get Remarried

No offense, Kate Gosselin, because momming is hard work- but if I were one of your eight offspring, I think I might wish there was someone else around to take the heat every so often, too.

Gosselin- one half of the former Jon and Kate plus eight brood that became slightly smaller when Jon swanned off to make bad decisions all on his lonesome- says the Gosselin kids are keen on getting a stepdaddy up in there after their parents’ acrimonious and reality-TV chronicled split.

Kate has been doing a spate of publicity, and talks about dating again in interviews. But, the mega-mom admits, a relationship with her comes with a lot of complications, including her almost-half-a-Duggar-clan sized family. She recently told Billy Bush:

“Obviously, this time, I’m looking for somebody older, wiser, patient, strong… I have humongous obstacles… I’m doing mom things so it is a true concern, like how will I ever be out there to meet somebody?”

On the challenges of finding time to lure a fella while securing a sitter for eight, Kate says to Ann Curry:

“I’ve said a lot of times that I’m ready to start dating. I think there are a lot of obstacles for me. I hope to sort of bump into somebody but in all honesty, I talk to my best friend about wouldn’t it be great if she could go around the country and collect suitable people?

“The odds of me just sort of bumping into someone are rare.”

Not only are the Gosselin kids keen on Kate finding a man, she says, they want her to do it like, yesterday. She explains:

“I don’t know where life will take me. I am hoping that the person is out there because the kids on a daily basis are begging for me to get married again. They bring it up all the time and I’m like, ‘I’m not dating anyone’.”

No word on how ex-husband Jon has fared after he was unceremoniously booted off the gravy train that bears his family name- but Kate and Jon were spotted not fighting not too recently by TMZ photogs. Kate and the eight are slated to return to their TLC reality show tonight- the first episode, not coincidentally, deals with Kate being back on the market and looking.

Do you watch Kate Plus 8 on TLC? Do you think the Gosselin family’s 15 minutes will be up any time soon?