Gisele Bundchen Named Most Powerful Supermodel by Forbes

As Gisele Bundchen’s long reign of top-earning supermodel continues, the Brazilian beauty can add “most powerful” to her title as well. Gisele is the highest ranked model of Forbes‘ annual Celebrity 100 list, which lists the most powerful public figures based on earnings, fame, social media notoriety, and overall influence. Gisele falls at number 56 on the overall list (Beyonce tops this year’s most powerful), ranked higher than fellow models Kate Moss (#91) and Kate Upton (#94).

Gisele, 33, earned her spot based on her $47 million in earnings over the last 12 months, thanks in part to lucrative campaigns with H&M, Pantene, and Chanel. She’s also an active model for Victoria’s Secret, and is the cover model for three different fashion magazines this month alone!

Gisele’s powerful status also doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Bundchen’s landed high-profile campaigns with high-end designers such as Balenciaga and Isabel Marant for their fall/winter collections, as well as signing on as the newest face of Chanel No.5. Gisele’s already been shooting for her Balenciaga campaign, as an Instagram shot from the fashion brand’s profile shows off:

Although it appears that Gisele changed up her ‘do for the shoot to a more punk-rock buzz cut, have no fear – all of her iconic, wavy locks are still there. Gisele donned a bald cap for the look, which was fitted over her flattened hair, then painted to the color of her skin before the buzzed-hair wig was placed on. “The funny thing was that Gisele had to come in three hours before call time just to put the bald cap on,” artist director Alex Wang said. But it was worth it; Wang says that Gisele is the perfect look for their campaign. “This is how I see Gisele for Balenciaga; strong, powerful, mysterious and uncompromising.”

The busy supermodel has also found the time to cheer on home team Brazil in the World Cup. With the games in full swing and Brazil still strongly in the running, Gisele’s loving the chance to celebrate the games being in her home country, sharing shots of her watching the game on her Twitter.

With her power status and high-end campaigns, Gisele’s influence as most powerful supermodel will most likely be felt for a long time.

Image via Fanpop

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