Yeti DNA Confirmed To Be Of A Creature Previously Thought To Be Extinct

Yeti enthusiasts adamantly believe in the existence of the elusive creature. Yet, countless hunts for the creature have turned up little solid evidence to its existence, other than footprints.

Whether identified as Bigfoot, a Yeti, the Abominable Snowman, or a Sasquatch, the mysterious creature is highly sought due to a multitude of reported sightings, in an effort to solidify proof of its existence. However, a study of hairs found in the Himalayas may prove that the Yeti, a cousin to the United States' Bigfoot, may actually exist. If proof can be brought forth, there is no reason to believe that the creature cannot live elsewhere on the planet.

Bryan Sykes, a researcher from Oxford University, studied various hairs that were presented to him for research.

"The hairs had supposedly been shed by yetis or their Bigfoot cousins and were part of museum and private collections around the world"
The hairs were identified using techniques that are used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to identify DNA. 28 of the thirty hairs presented were easily identified as common animals such as raccoons, horses, bears, and cattle. However, two hairs stood out from the rest.

Although the hairs do not prove the existence of the missing link type creature that is often visualized when a yeti is imagined, Bryan Sykes has not excluded the possibility of its existence.

"There may well be a yeti."
Upon further investigation, Bryan Sykes found that the hairs matched the DNA of an ancient polar bear that lived in Norway over 40,000 years ago. Previous DNA was taken from an unearthed skull of the creature. He believes the animal that shed the fur may be a cross between polar bears and brown bears. He also believes that the creature could still be alive and wandering the earth.
Although the creature has not been filmed or detained, Icon Films is organizing an expedition to search for the elusive Yeti and bring back evidence of its existence. Whether the expedition reveals that the yeti is a cross breed evolution of two different species of bears, an oversized gorilla with human features, or nothing at all, the hairs do reveal that an ancestor to the ancient polar bear has existed recently, and may still today. If the creature exists in the Himalayas, the vast wilderness of North America could also hide a cross bred bear creature that can walk on its hind legs when necessity calls, and leaves large footprints in its path.

Photo Courtesy: Google Images