Anne Hathaway Wears Catwomen Outfit For ‘The Dark Night Rises’ Movie [Pic]

Anne Hathaway and her Catwomen outfit for the upcoming The Dark Night Rises (Batman) movie were revealed this week by Warner Bros. The outfit was inspired by a Dwayne Cooke / Ed Brubaker digital age concept (tactical goggles) and also shows a bit of inspired design from the 1960s Batman series outfit.

I for one am glad to see a design that doesn’t look so “cartoon based” as the last catwoman designs, plus it never hurts to see Hathaway wrapped in leather riding any type of machinery.

It’s still unclear why Catwoman is riding the Bat-Pod or why her outfit has finally arrived with the times while the Bat-Pod looks like a relic of the first Batman movies, in any situation it’s still neat to see official on-set photos provided by Warner Bros.

The movie is a dramatic departure for Hathaway whose many movies include family offerings (Princess Diaries, Ella Enchanted, Alice In Wonderland) although recently she has taken on more “adult oriented” roles including Love and Other Drugs where she starred next to Jake Gyllenhaal and Family Guy where she voiced “Hot Blonde” and “Mother Maggie” in three episodes.

What do you think of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in the new Batman movie?