How To Put On Your Pants Without Using Your Hands — Just Watch This Weirdly Amazing Video

Xiao Zhiwei is Taiwanese comedian and internet “sensation” who displays a skill in his new YouTube video that is either an amazing achievement, or the most useless thing ever. If you want to see how a guy puts on his pants without using his hands, spend 45 seconds with Xiao Zhiwei here.

You won’t be alone. Xiao uploaded the video on Friday, June 28. Just four days later, his sartorial feat has earned him more than 5 million YouTube views. It appears there’s what marketing specialists would call a “pent-up demand” for learning how to put on pants with dance moves alone.

Plus, the interesting stunt is set to the soundtrack of “The Final Countdown,” a 1986 hit by the synth-pop band Europe.

One YouTube Xiao fan enthused that the “no hands” pants-putting-on contortions could become “the newest dance craze.”

And why not? Who knows — maybe this one will be like “Gangam Style,” the most-watched video in YouTube history, which inspired renditions from troops in Afghanistan and a slew of parody videos.

Though let’s face it, if you can dance your way into your pants with no hands, you may actually be a parody of yourself.

By the way, though Xiao is rocketing himself to internet fame with his no-hands pants video, he is not even the first to post a video on YouTube demonstrating how to put on pants with no hands. Do a quick search and you’ll uncover several earlier no-hands pants videos — or just click on this link to an earlier Inquisitr story about a different no-hands pants video.