Ryan Seacrest Developing Persian-American Reality TV Show For Bravo Network

Ryan Seacrest and the Bravo TV network are attempting to create some Jersey Shore type buzz of their own by creating a new reality TV show surrounding the Persian American community and some of their colorful expat community members.

The network announced on Wednesday that Seacrest is working with the network on a show tentatively titled “Shahs of Sunset” which will focus on the often colorful Iranian expat community of Los Angeles.

Seacrest said in a statement:

“The series will offer rich characters and relatable storylines about everyday life — love, work, friendship and family — steeped in a diverse culture, which is wildly entertaining and fun.”

Finding a few expats to feature shouldn’t be hard since more than 800,000 people of Persian ancestry live in the city, most on the Westside. Iranians moved in droves to the country when the shah fell in 1979 and many who came to Los Angeles found success and their lifestyles show those achievements as they drive around in chromed-out cars, carry designer purses and in many cases flaunt their lifestyles just like the kids of the Jersey Shore.

Bravo does add that the younger members of the community aren’t just designer wearing, car flaunting children, they also “know the value of family and tradition.”

Ryan Seacrest will be the shows executive producer, Seacrest is quickly becoming a veteran of the reality TV show business, aside form his time on American Idol he has produced several Kardashian shows and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

At this time it’s still not clear how the show will be produced, for example will the characters be forced to live together like the cast of Jersey Shore or will they live apart but converse on a regular basis like the networks other hit reality TV show series Real Housewives.

Since Ryan Seacrest and Bravo are still working things out very few details are known at this time.