‘Better Call Saul’ Not The ‘Breaking Bad’ Prequel You Thought It Was

Here’s why Better Call Saul is not the Breaking Bad prequel you thought it was. According to a new report, the new AMC series, starring Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman, will take place not only before the hit series but during and after Breaking Bad’s finale as well.

The producer behind Breaking Bad spoke to New York Daily News about the possibilities for the Better Call Saul spin-off show, and during the chat, he revealed that it’s not just a prequel, but a separate show that exists within the time frame of Breaking Bad, in addition to being before it and after it as well.

“One of the great things about having a time line which is flexible is that perhaps some of it takes place before ‘Breaking Bad,’ during ‘Breaking Bad,’ and after ‘Breaking Bad.’ That gives us the ability to bring back characters that were killed on ‘Breaking Bad’.”

Just because Better Call Saul might feature Breaking Bad’s beloved characters like Jesse Pinkman and Walter White, Better Call Saul is an entirely different beast. Gould went on to explain why it won’t be the same show.

“We could never dream of the kind of success that ‘Breaking Bad’ had and the love we got from the fans. But, at a certain point you have to do the best job you can and tell the best story that entertains you, get a good response and hope people like it.”

As we previously reported the new AMC show has already been picked up for a second season, which is extremely rare considering its first season hasn’t aired yet. The first season is set to premiere in early 2015. Originally the show was slated to start in November but AMC has decided to delay the spin-off in order to have it premiere with the fan favorite show The Walking Dead.

The first season of Better Call Saul will premiere with ten episodes, while season two will have thirteen episodes. Of the second season Gould seems extremely excited about the opportunity to extend the series past a mini series vibe.

“It’s tremendous for us, because we get to plot out two seasons. And the way we work is similar to ‘Breaking Bad’ as it is very serialized and each episode builds on the last. And that gives us a much bigger canvas to play with.”

Are you excited to see what’s in store for Better Call Saul?

[Image via AMC]