Boston Red Sox Rivalry Continues, Alec Baldwin Shows Off John Krasinski’s “Bikini Body” [Videos]

Over the weekend the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox have been battling it out in one of baseball’s favorite feuds and joining in the fun of that rivalry has been baseball fans and A-List actors Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski who have been airing ads in support of their teams.

Right now it’s Baldwin who’s winning the feud after photoshopping a picture of Krasinski (a Red Sox fan) in a bikini and then putting the ad on display at Yankee Stadium.

The actors are using New Era ads to show off the rivalry that exists between the two cities after they began trash talking each others teams way back in April, trash talking that led to Baldwin punching Krasinski and a funny ad featuring Krasinski painting Baldwin’s dog with the Red Sox logo, only to find out that the dog actually belongs to Baldwin’s neighbor.

Here’s the video of Krasinki barring his body for Yankees fans:

In case you’re curious here’s the painted dog commercial followed by Krasinski being punched in the face:

Which one of the New Era ads is your favorite and how do you think John Krasinski should get even? The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees rivalry is no laughing matter for baseball fans, unless of course Alec Baldwin is involved.