Portia De Rossi Divorce: Drugs Causing Rift Between Portia And Ellen?

Portia de Rossi might get a divorce because she has a drug problem, and that is what is causing a rift between she and her wife, Ellen DeGeneres… Reportedly. According to Radar Online, Portia opened up about her drug addiction, saying that her very thin frame was attributed to her drug use. This comes on the heels of reports that the actress was “starving herself.” Portia has been to rehab (at least one report says she was in rehab in May) for drug abuse and has since cleaned herself up… but now is a great time for this news to be brought up again, given the rumors surrounding her marriage.

Portia explained:

“People don’t realize that drug use is so connected to body image and weight loss for women. I’ve known women to do cocaine or meth or speed to lose weight, period. And diet pills too. A lot of people get hooked on diet pills and start using illegal drugs.”

Portia de Rossi divorce rumors have been ignored by her and Ellen DeGeneres for the past couple of weeks. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ellen debunked rumors of a failing marriage earlier this year, but since then she has been doing her best to live her life without reading the negative news about her love life. In fact, Portia and Ellen have been spotted out together several times over the past month, and they have been holding hands, kissing, and laughing together — all signs that things are totally fine between them.

A recent post by Radar Online, showed a photo of Ellen and Portia on a yacht off the coast of the Croatian island of Hvar. The photos were taken on Sunday, just two days ago. Ellen and Portia did not look like a couple on the brink of divorce, that’s for sure.

A Portia de Rossi divorce seems almost expected at this point. So many Hollywood couples break up and get divorced that it seems almost normal for rumors like this to eventually turn into reality. Of course, people who love Ellen (isn’t that everyone?) really hope for the best for her and her wife of nearly six years. Hopefully they are doing well and the public perception they give off is the real deal. If not, hopefully they take the time to privately figure out what they need to do.

Do you think Portia and Ellen are having problems? Do you think a divorce is inevitable?

[Photo courtesy of JadeAfrican.com]