Watch Prince Harry Dance To Katy Perry’s “Firework”

Prince Harry definitely seems to be enjoying his time in South America at present. This accompanying video was released yesterday and shows William’s younger brother cutting a rug to Katy Perry’s hit “Fireework”.

Time Magazine reports that the Prince visited the Fundacion Amigos de Jesus in Santiago, Chile on Sunday where he learned some very special choreography from the disabled children who receive care at the center. The Prince has been on holiday in South America, where he took in the World Cup 2014 and hobnobbed with the local citizens.

When he wasn’t tending to official royal business, Harry has also been celebrating. His grandmother Queen Elizabeth just celebrated her birthday in Brazil. During the black tie event, Harry met with diplomats and debutantes alike. But it hasn’t been all fun and games for Harry. He’s also actively visited several non-profit organizations on a philanthropic mission to understand better the state of affairs in Brazil and other South American countries.

Prince Harry visits Chile and Brazil during his trip to South America

Prince Harry has been drawn to these children’s homes, where several orphans live, because he is reminded of losing his mother and perhaps feels that he can relate on some level with them.

In the video above, Harry dances with one of the children from the home, keeping perfect time and appearing to fully enjoy himself. According to E! Online, Harry also played games with the children and greeted and talked with the facility’s employees. During his visit to Fundacion Amigos de Jesus, Harry even shared the stage with a 7-year-old boy who stole Harry’s microphone because he wanted to make a speech.

After his visit with the children at the center, Prince Harry stopped by an outdoor activity center located in the Andes. During his time at the outdoor activity center, the Prince would join others in a motorbike instruction class being taught to local kids.

Prince Harry visiting disadvantaged children in South America

All of this was part of Prince Harry’s three day tour of Chile. He also had the chance to visit Valparaiso and assess the damage done by the wildfires in that area and also met and commended members of the Chilean fire fighting squad for the role that they played in containing the wildfires.

As it turns out, Time Magazine also revealed that a TV personality with the last name Middleton jokingly proposed to the Prince and he also helped to fix a local’s television set so that she and her family could watch the World Cup.

Later Prince Harry flew home to London to unpack and share this video with his family, which the British Monarchy so graciously shared via YouTube.

[Image credit: International Business Times/Vanity Fair/Express UK]