Lindsey Lohan Prepares To Celebrate Her 28th Birthday Looking Relaxed And Healthy

About a week after Lindsey Lohan was caught running around an Upmarket London Store naked, she is once again in the English news. This time, the story is a bit happier.

Lindsey Lohan was spotted just days before her 28th birthday at Scott’s, an upmarket seafood restaurant. Although her birthday does not occur until Wednesday, the event was still newsworthy. Why, you ask? Simply put, Lindsey did not cause any disturbances, and she looked rather relaxed and healthy.

Jason Chester of Mail online stated:

“The Mean Girls actress was close to the outdoor table usually favoured by millionaire art mogul Charles Saatchi and his frequent companion, former TV stylist Trinny Woodall – but the pair was nowhere to be seen on the night. “

The only bit of controversy that could be gathered, and it is a stretch, is that she was sitting in famed millionaire art mogul Charles Saatchi’s favorite seat. There is not much of a story there, other than it is the same seat in which he was captured sharing a passionate kiss with Trinny Woodall.

Although this is not a major story, seeing Lindsey Lohan looking rather healthy and gathered together in a public setting is quite a positive visual, especially after her ongoing partying and constant breakdowns.

Despite Lindsey’s laid back pre-birthday celebration dinner, Lindsey has not stated whether it is a glimpse of a new and improved persona that we can expect to see in the future or if it is just the calm before the storm. We shall see on how the night of her birthday winds down.

Despite the ongoing negativity in her life, Lindsey Lohan has a lot to celebrate from her past. She had quite a prosperous music career as she had three hit singles to promote Herbie: Fully Loaded, a follow-up album that went gold and a fairly illustrious film career – including Mean Girls.

Only time will tell if the multi-faceted singer, actor and celebrity icon will begin to calm as she nears her thirties or if she will blame it all on her evil twin from the movie The Parent Trap.

Regardless, she is an integral part of American pop culture and has integrated herself nicely into the English culture as well. There is no doubt that we will be seeing more of her in the future.

[Photo Courtesy: Bing]