Emma Watson Under Investigation For Illegal Maid And Could Face Stiff Penalty

Emma Watson is under investigation for reportedly allowing her American housekeeper to illegally work for her in the United Kingdom.

According to The Independent, the maid from the U.S. began working for Emma Watson in the beginning of 2013 at Watson’s New York apartment. Watson was studying at Brown University while in the United States. The maid allegedly traveled with Emma under a tourist visa to the U.K. where the housekeeper continued to work in Emma’s $3.5 million London home.

If the allegations are true, either Watson did not know or brushed aside the knowledge that a tourist visa strictly does not allow any foreign citizen to work while in the U.K. According to E! Online, Watson’s housekeeper may have been employed in London from September 2013 to February 2014.

Emma Watson in London
Emma Watson may face stiff fines if allegations of hiring an illegal immigrant prove true.

Border Agency officials received a complaint that Emma was paying the maid to work in her home in the United Kingdom until the maid’s employment ended near the beginning of February. It is not known where or how the complaint originated; the Home Office reported that they “wouldn’t routinely comment on individual cases” when speaking to The Independent.

Watson’s housekeeper was reportedly questioned by the U.K. immigration staff when they wanted to know how she was going to afford to stay in Britain.

Emma Watson is facing a civil penalty of up to £10,000, or a little over $17,000, per worker for breaking immigration guidelines if she has been found guilty of not acquiring the proper work permits to allow her housekeeper to continue working for her while overseas.

Emma Watson and her spokesperson have not commented on the situation.

The Inquisitr will continue to report on this news as more information becomes available.