Roberto Martinez Says He Called Off Wedding To ‘Bachelorette’ Fiancé Ali Fedotowsky

Roberto Martinez says his wedding to Bachelorette fiancé Ali Fedotowsky was called off in July because of a sports injury she suffered and that it was him who called off the wedding, despite reports to the contrary.

According to Martinez she was injured in a Petaluma kickboxing exhibition where she broke her femur, sprained her tibia, contorted her clavicle, bruised her belly button and fractured her uvula.

Martinez opened up to Bedroom Pillow Talk about the reason for the called off wedding, saying he didn’t want Ali to walk down the aisle on crutches or be pushed down the aisle in a wheel chair in her wedding dress while pictures were taken of her beat up, bruised body.

According to Martinez Ali said she didn’t care how she looked, she just wanted to marry him, yet the wedding was cancelled.

Roberto also told Pillow Talk that tabloid’s Say What and Just Saying were completely incorrect in their reporting that he was dumped, the tabloids posted a photo of Fedotowsky showing him her middle finger, while a caption read:

The Bachelorette tells her fiance that there won’t be any wedding bells ringing after all.

Roberto said she was simply showing off her new nail polish and asking if he liked it, he later had to explain to his 89-year-old maternal grandmother Paloma Pescadero that his fiancé wasn’t being disrespectful towards him.

While the wedding of Roberto Martinez and Ali Fedotowsky may have been cancelled, given the nature of the reality TV shows constant gossip I doubt this is the last we’ll hear from Roberto and Ali. Who’s story do you believe to be true?