DeSean Jackson will report to Philadelphia Eagles Monday

DeSean Jackson was holding out for a new contract. I think he and his agent made the determination before the Philadelphia Eagles went on their 2011 free agent shopping spree, and given the current environment in Philly it seems quite likely that he would have been able to redo his contract. Since the Eagles are now in the process of reworking Michael Vick’s contract, one to get more moneand, the other to lower his cap number it would it would to be Jacksons turn to get his proverbial pay day. There is no doubt about it that at 600k per year, Jackson was being under paid for being the number one receiver in Philly.

In his three years with the team he has averaged just over 57 receptions per year for 1,045 yards and almost six touchdowns. He also adds nice chunks of yards running the ball. In three NFL seasons he has averaged 112 yards rushing, on an average of 14 carries a season. That is an average of eight yards when he runs the ball and that is huge. Not to mention the fact that this team has signed Ronnie Brown and having two versatile weapons with a guy like Andy Reid calling the hosts, will be a matchup nightmare for Eagles opponents.

Of course the main reason he is doing this now is that the NFL and NFLPA recently ratified the new CBA and if DeSean had not reported by August 9th he would have lost a year of service. Players need four years of service to become unrestricted free agents under the new rules. So DeSean could have sat out this entire year, lost a year of service and still been a restricted free agent next summer. By reporting and hopefully getting a pay raise the Eagles put themselves into a nice spot to get a long term deal done.