iPhone 6 Rumors: Leaked Photos Show Larger, Curved Glass Screen With 4.7 Inch Display

A leak of new iPhone 6 photos appear to confirm that the new model will, as earlier rumored, feature a larger screen than any previous iPhone model — and also a glass display screen that curves toward the bottom, as Apple attempts to stay ahead of such chief competitors as the Samsung Galaxy phone.

The new images were obtained and released by the site 9to5Mac.com, which specializes in getting its hand on these sorts of internal Apple images and documents. the 9to5Mac site includes a large cache of leaked images.

This image from the latest leak, which just hit the internet on Monday morning, shows a size comparison between the new 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and the most recent iPhone 5 model, which came with a four-inch screen. The size difference is clearly visible.

iPhone 6 Leak Rumors

Apple are also rumored to be developing a new "phablet" model of the iPhone — bigger than a phone, smaller than a tablet — with a 5.5 inch screen. But no images of the even bigger iPhone 6 have been released via leak or otherwise.

As with all Apple leaks, there's no real way to confirm the authenticity of the photos, or if they will, in fact, reflect the final design of the iPhone 6. But 9to5Mac boasted of receiving "several photos of purported display glass covers in both black and white variations."

iPhone 6 leak

The tech site BGR.com, which also ran the leaked photos, noted, "in the pictures... the display glass on the iPhone 6 is curved at the bottom, as you can see by the way light is reflected on the lower edges of the display."

What do you think? Can you make out the curvature at the lower edges of the screen?

iPhone 6 Curve Leak

When Bloomberg News first reported that Apple was working on a curved screen for the iPhone 6, back in November of last year, the news agency did not say that the iPhone 6 would include a flexible display. The iPhone 6 is still an iPhone, albeit with — reportedly — a curved glass screen.

According to the 9to5Mac leak, the new iPhone 6, in addition to the greater amount of screen real estate and the possible screen curvature, will be thinner and sleeker than any iPhone to date, with improved cameras and a faster processor.

Otherwise, the iPhone 6 does not contain any news-making new functions, and is mainly an improved, sleeker version of the same iPhone that has sold more than 500 million units since its introduction in 2007, making the iPhone one of the most popular consumer products of all time.