Sailor Moon: The Best Five Moments

Sailor Moon – which, let’s face it, was the best thing about everyone’s childhood – marked two decades since premiering last summer. The anime cartoon, which has inspired at least 30 stage musicals, follows middle schooler Usagi Tsukino (or Serena, depending on translation) who learns from a magical black cat that she is Sailor Moon, guardian of justice.

In addition to releasing the original, unedited episodes on Hulu, the popular series will be celebrating its birthday, although a little late, by releasing a reboot series, Sailor Moon Crystal. We felt it was our duty to commend the show’s success and even contributions to feminism, by listing the top fivemost memorable moments of my childhood – er, Sailor Moon. BEWARE: Spoilers may ensue.

That time when Marmou directed Snow White.

Sailor Moon R, the second season, sometimes gets flack for not having its basis in the original manga series, but you have to admit it’s pretty funny that in lieu of seven dwarves, the Sailor Moon equivalent of Snow White features six (adorable) animals native to really different climates.


[Image via Sailor Moon News]

When Sailor Mini Moon does her “pink sugar heart attack.”

So Rini/Chibiusa/Sailor Mini Moon is an adorable, tiny brat and Sailor Moon’s daughter. She’s got pink bunny-ear hair. According to the manga, although she is about 900 years old, she stopped aging when she was five. Obviously. She tries to be useful in times of need, but really, her attempts at attacking anything end up futile, but really adorable.


[Image via Magical Girl Mahou Shoujo Wiki]

Pretty much whenever Usagi/Serena transforms into Sailor Moon.

Because, let’s just admit it. This is pretty cool.


[Image via Giphy]

That time when Luna introduced us to unrequited love.

Was it ever far-fetched… and tragic. In the movie Sailor Moon S the Movie: Hearts in Ice, which interestingly enough took its source material from the same fairy tale as Disney’s Frozen, Luna fell hopelessly in love with a man who rescued her from near-death. Unfortunately, Luna was a cat, and Kakeru was a human. At the end of the movie, Luna took human form to save Kakeru, and they shared one heart-wrenching kiss before returning back to normal, and the tears of children watching flowed in abundance.


[Image via Powet]

One second, we’re still crying at Day of Destiny.

That’s right, that episode. The one where all the Sailor Scouts die. The saddest moment, yes? But that just shows how much we grew to love Sailor Moon.


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If you’re a Sailor Moon fan and don’t see one of your favorites listed here, please share – we’re actually super eager to reminisce. And also, can you even contain your excitement for Sailor Moon crystal? Let us know!

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