‘Transformers 5’ Cast: Could Michael Bay Be Building Up To Unicron?

Transformers 5‘s cast of characters could be a hint at a seriously massive climax for the series. The film is inevitable with Age of Extinction already nearly threatening its predecessor at the box office. As the critics slam the film for being empty and devoid of logic, it’s already been stated that Michael Bay doesn’t care anymore what the critics say.

With Transformers: Age of Extinction already earning a massive payday for the often despised producer, we’re still eagerly spending our money to see it, so the critics are white noise in the light of the money piling in.

Some of the things that happen in the film indicate something a little bigger than we’ve already seen is planned for the finale. With rumors pointing to the film being the first part of a new trilogy, it’s obviously building up to something, and it could be Unicron


While the Transformers 5 cast is yet unknown, there were hints that the new trilogy could take part at least partially on Cybertron and beyond. Age of Extinction taught us that the whole story about the cube may have been misleading and not the full truth about where metallic organic life came from. The “seed,” a bomb which apparently wiped out the dinosaurs and spawned the Dinobots, indicates that there is a master behind it all, and that “creator” did not have the best intentions.

The new Decepticon Lockdown, in cooperation with humans blinded by a big payday, apparently came from Cybertron to resurrect the leader Megatron. Using technology the humans seem proud to have discovered, they do just that and accidentally create Galvatron.

(Warning: Mild Spoilers Ahead)

That was the first clue that the Transformers 5 cast of characters could be leading to Unicron. In the animated movie made back in the Generation One days, Unicron had made a deal with Megatron, promising him a more powerful body in exchange for servitude. The new body was Galvatron, though at the same time his jet lackeys were also rebuilt.

Unicron has already been established as the “creator” of the Decepticons (not a Decepticon himself), and Optimus Prime is definitely going to need help with that, possibly from Primus. Primus is the Autobot version of Unicron and possibly the other creator.

Another clue was the ending, which had Optimus Prime flying off into space with the “seed” in hand in an attempt to find the rumored creators.

This is significant because it might open up the possibility of seeing Hot Rod accept the Matrix of Leadership from Optimus or possibly Optimus Prime being rebuilt by Primus. This could introduce Rodimus Prime as the first of a new wave of Autobots using the discovered technology to counter the new wave of Decepticons and the coming of Unicron.

What do you think? Could the Transformers 5 cast of characters possibly be leading to a final confrontation with Unicron?

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