Dolly Parton Sparks Controversy With Performance At Glastonbury Festival

Dolly Parton had waited her entire career to play at England’s Glastonbury Festival, but the glow of her accomplishment this weekend didn’t last long before it was overcome by controversy.

On Sunday night the country legend took the stage before an estimated 150,000 people, performing at the festival at Worthy Farm in southwest England. Parton told the crowd that it was a lifelong dream to play at the festival, and even had a special song about mud in honor of the often muddy festival.

But soon after the performance, critics accused the 68-year-old singer of miming her performance. Many at the festival took to Twitter to note that the vocals didn’t seem to match up with video of the performance shown on monitors.

Dolly Parton denied the accusation, with a spokesperson telling the MailOnline: “She was singing live.”

Actor Stephen Fry also rose to Dolly’s defense, tweeting: “I think I know quite a lot about how TV is made. Why are people saying @DollyParton is miming? She’s fooling me.”

He added: “Believe me, that is not miming. If it appears not always to lip-sync that’s an HD live processor issue. You see it with news reporters.'”

Dolly Parton did admit to reporters before her performance that she had to change things up a bit in an attempt to match the mood of the crowd.

“I thought, well, I can’t do a bunch of sad, slow songs because everybody is drunk and high and we don’t want to bring them down that bad, so there are two or three songs that they have to hear like maybe ‘Coat of Many Colors’ and a few things that are a part of my whole life and my background,” she said.

“But we’ve tried to do a set where we can kind of keep it moving pretty good.”

Despite the hiccup at the Glastonbury Festival, Dolly Parton shows no signs of slowing down. The singer said she has no plans of stopping anytime soon, telling Fox News: “I wake up every day with new dreams, so I feel like I’m just starting out.”