‘GTA V Online’ Rumored To Be Getting Xbox 360 Exclusive DLC

GTA V makers Rockstar are on a roll these days. With the “I’m not a Hipster” DLC nearing release a new report indicates that GTA V Online users for the Xbox 360 are going to get their very own downloadable content in the near future.

The report comes by way of a YouTube tipster that is known as iCrazyTeddy. The International Business Times is reporting that exclusive content for GTA V and quite a few websites consider the tipster as someone who needs to be listening to.

This particular report seems to be backed up in part by the Xbox team, who recently tweeted out that GTA V fans are about to get a treat. A photo the tipster threw out there that seemed to confirm GTA V online DLC was coming for the Xbox 360.

He said the photo came from a childhood friend who apparently also has close ties with either Rockstar or Xbox. There are some who wonder if the tweet that was sent out about GTA V might have been a bit of a prank, since the GTA V Tweet in question has since been deleted.

It would seem to make sense that GTA V Xbox 360 users would be getting exclusive GTA V content considering we already know that the PS4 is going to be getting some new content all its own. Once Grand Theft Auto comes to the PS4 in a remastered edition, there are reports the remastered version will be getting console specific DLC.

GTA V online users are also soon going to be able to play the game through a PC and it would stand to reason those users might get their own content as well. Rockstar has put a great deal of effort into making GTA V one of the most popular games of the last few years.

It seems as though Rockstar might be trying to cut off any GTA V negativity at the pass. Xbox users would be rather upset if Sony users were to get something and they were to remain empty handed. On the other hand, it’s not unusual for GTA V or games of its ilk to have slightly different designs, especially when talking about different generations of consoles.

Obviously, since the GTA V content hasn’t been officially confirmed by Rockstar or Xbox we don’t know what it will include should it be real. GTA V DLC in the past has included jobs, missions and giveaways.

GTA V is heading to the next generation of consoles and the PC this fall.