WWE News: Daniel Bryan Suggests That Another Neck Surgery Is Possible

Last night was truly legendary as Seth Rollins and John Cena pulled away with the Money in the Bank briefcase and WWE World Heavyweight championship respectively. Some fans loved it and the majority of IWC members hated it. WWE felt that it was best for business.

The one moment of clarity came before the pay-per-view even started. Instead of a pre-show match, WWE superstar Daniel Bryan came out to address the WWE Universe. A crowd in Boston, Massachusetts rose to their feet and performed the “YES” chant emphatically along with Bryan.

When the fun was over, Daniel Bryan let everyone in on his status and the bad news circulated around the building so fast, you could hear a pin drop. He could be out of action for a long time.

Well, this is where I’ve got some bad news. I don’t know when I’m going to be back, unfortunately. The strength hasn’t come back in my arm and they’re talking about maybe doing another surgery. But I promise you I will be back and when I’m back I’m going to be better than ever.

Bryan currently rehabbing the neck that he had surgery on May 15. Understand this: neck surgeries are among the most dangerous of operation. One slip of the surgeon’s tool could lead to temporary paralysis, or even worse, permanent side effects.

If the former-WWE World Heavyweight champion comes back health in the next 6-10 months, he will be considered extremely lucky.

Doesn’t that make for a great Royal Rumble 2015 return?

WWE’s perception of Bryan could have changed in the past two months. WrestleZone reported a few days ago that WWE officials would not push him back to the main event scene quickly. In fact, if it weren’t for CM Punk’s departure in January, the push Bryan received would’ve never came to pass.

So, if that is the accurate report, Bryan’s bubble in WWE could have already “popped.” Unfortunately, injuries are a cruel mistress in professional wrestling world. Look at Bad News Barrett and the same situation arose last week. Jack Swagger injured the Intercontinental champion and forced him out of Money in the Bank.

If it weren’t for Swagger’s careless actions inside the ring, Barrett would be the Money in the Bank briefcase holder. One injury changes the entire direction of WWE’s programming.

With Bryan out of action even longer, John Cena’s 15th WWE championship leads a clear road to the SummerSlam main event. A returning Brock Lesnar will face Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. After you think about the results, Cena winning made perfect sense.

John Cena WWE Superstar

Why would they have someone like Bray Wyatt, Cesaro or Roman Reigns win it, just to lose to Lesnar in August? The push would be destroyed (kind of like Sheamus’ many years ago) and the pop would dissipate. Having Cena win was best for business.

For now, Bryan’s absence from WWE is hurting the product. Luckily, Lesnar and Cena will carry the load until he returns. It could be Edge in 2010 all over again. I would pay to see that.

[Images via WWE.com and Google]