Robin Thicke ‘Get Her Back’ Video: Wife Paula Patton Pressured Into Reconciliation

Musical sensation Robin Thicke desperately wants his estranged wife, the beautiful actress Paula Patton, back into his life.

Patton split from her longtime hubby after he cheated on her with their massage therapist “Jasmine.” The three of them had been engaged in a steamy, ongoing three-way. This was all at the behest of Robin, who wanted to spice up the couple’s sex life.

It’s unclear what role Patton had in the relationship, as it doesn’t appear that she is bisexual, and she only agreed to the three-way after her hubby urged her. But according to the Daily Mail things got messy when Robin Thicke went behind his wife’s back and started seeing the mysterious massage therapist one on one.

Paula eventually found out about the ongoing, 2-year affair and thus the divorce talk emerged. Now Robin has launched an all-out media assault with one goal in mind: getting his wife back.

Robin Thicke named his upcoming album Paula. And the bold declaration of love doesn’t end there… the video for the album’s most important single features a Paul Patton lookalike. That video is appropriately titled “Get Her Back.” It is a must-watch.

The video is a raw, emotional mea culpa on the part of Robin Thicke. It’s stylized with a lot of super-impositions of the Paula lookalike and a bloodied up Robin Thicke. And while he sings and cries out for his wife to return a series of text messages populate the screen detailing the back and forth battles the two are currently having.

Robin Thicke loaded up “Get Her Back” with emotionally charged lyrics like “I gotta treat her right” and “I’ve gotta cherish her for life.” They certainly seem heartfelt, and Thicke looks shaken up and close to tears at all times.

The video was posted on YouTube less than a week ago and already it has thousands of comments. Some fans think that Thicke is being romantic. Others think Robin’s behavior is stalker-like. Other detractors also think that Thicke is being controlling and creepy. They think that he’s shaming Patton into forgiving him. The Daily Beast writer Andrew Romano went nuclear and declared the entire album “pathetic.”

Whatever your position is on the video and the lengths that Robin is going to win back his wife, there’s no denying that the two have a lot of love for each other still. Thicke and Patton met during their high school years in Los Angeles and they’ve been together ever since. The weird thing about Thicke and Patton’s estrangement is that their marriage, at least according to Hollywood standards, seemed rock-solid.

Lost in all the drama is the fact that the photogenic, multi-talented couple have one child together, 3-year-old Julian Fuego Thicke. Hopefully Robin and Paula can resolve their differences for Julian’s sake.

There is one silver lining to this whole saga. Perhaps if Paula Patton has had enough of Thicke’s philandering ways, the crooner himself can hookup with his album art model. Or Miley Cyrus for that matter. Did you see him get jiggly with Miley onstage at the VMAs? It was hot and heavy.

But whatever happens — divorce or falling back in love — no one will be able to blame Robin Thicke for sitting idly by. But only time will tell if he will be able to “Get Her Back” this time.

Checkout Robin Thicke’s video “Get Her Back” below:

[Picture courtesy of YouTube / RobinThickeVEVO]

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