Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattison Back Together Again, Reports Suggest

Twilight fans rejoice! Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison may be getting back together.

The pair broke up amid rumors Stewart cheated on Pattison over a year ago. But according to Now Magazine, it seems the former couple became intimate after Robert crashed at Kristen’s apartment following the premiere of his latest movie The Rover.

“[They] definitely hooked up. He stayed at her house while he was in town,” the article states.

Meanwhile, the International Business Times, citing a print report from InTouch Weekly, claims that the pair are actually secretly dating, but will not announce anything to the public. The source claims that this decision is Rob’s choice and not Kristen’s:

“He’s having fun and doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship right now,” the article said. “She still loves Rob and would love to be with him again.”

Robert Pattison has been linked with a variety of women since he and Kristen Stewart ended their much-publicized relationship last May. The reason for the break-up was, of course, the scandalous affair Kristen had with Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. According to a recent report by Inqusitr, the fallout from that affair is still being felt today when it was announced that Stewart has been cut from the Snow White sequel. And while Universal won’t confirm exactly why Kirsten was cut, it’s no coincidence that Sanders has also not been asked back to direct.

Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron, meanwhile, will reprise their roles in Universal’s spin-off. It’s been speculated that the movie will focus squarely on Hemsworth’s character of the Huntsman and not Stewart’s Snow White at all. And while that sounds like a plausible explanation for dropping Stewart from the movie, it still does not stop insiders from speculating other alternatives.

The Hollywood Reporter, for example, finds it “highly unusual for Hollywood studios to drop stars of franchises between the first and second installments.” They also are reporting that “the original plan, according to sources, was to make two films featuring the Snow White character and a third film spinning off the Huntsman, similar to how Fox’s X-Men series has spun off Wolverine.

The fury started when photos of Kristen and Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders surfaced that suggested they were having an affair. Stewart was also dating her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson at the time, which caused an even greater backlash against her from that fan base.

But time heals all wounds apparently, and if these reports are true, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison may soon be hand in hand once again.