Neil Gaiman’s Ghostly Game ‘Wayward Manor’ Spooks This July [Trailer]

Neil Gaiman can now add video game creator under his list of achievements. Aside from being a renowned fiction author, Gaiman has also dabbled into video game development by collaborating with The Odd Gentlemen to come up with Wayward Manor.

The Odd Gentlemen is a Los Angeles-based independent video game company that has releases games such as The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom and Slap Happy Sam’s Stageshow.

Wayward Manor is a puzzle adventure computer game set in the 1920’s. Gamespot revealed that players assume the role of a ghost who must get back his New England home from the Budds, a dysfunctional family of eccentrics and misfits. Players must use their wits to solve puzzles and scare the family to earn enough fear, reclaim rooms in the manor one-by-one, and eventually push the Budd family into leaving the manor.

Gaiman and The Odd Gentlemen have been working on the game since last year. In an interview in 2013, Gaiman said that he has had the idea of Wayward Manor in his head for years, but he could not figure out the best medium for the story. He finally decided that a game will best suit his idea. “It felt like something you would have to experience yourself,” he said.

The video’s release was delayed, but the game developers announced that it will finally be available on Steam for both PC and Mac on July 15.

“We’ve been working day and night to make sure Wayward Manor is the best game it can be. This ultimately meant making the tough decision to delay the game. After adding more puzzles, an extra level of polish, and maybe even some paranormal surprises; we’re finally ready to announce a release date for Wayward Manor. You’ll get to scare the Budds on July 15, 2014″

According to Polygon, Wayward Manor is Neil Gaiman’s first video game project. He is well-known for his fiction works including The Sandman series, Coraline, and The Graveyard Book. In Wayward Manor, players will also get to see characters created in the true Gaiman fashion.

In the game, players will meet husband and wife Herkimer and Mildred Budd, their son Hubert Budd, the twins Patience and Fortitude Budd, and their grandfather Theophilus Budd. Also joining the Budds in the manor are Dagmara the maid, Benny “The Bull” Kubelsky, and Toombs the butler.

Users can also purchase the video game on The Humble Store where 10 percent of the proceeds will go to charity.

[Image via App Advice]