‘Watch Dogs’ Multiplayer Gets Tweak To Improve Notoriety Ratings

Watch Dogs has been getting quite a bit of hype since it release. Some of that hype has been somewhat negative but Ubisoft has been working overtime to make sure that the negative things that pop up about the game.

The first complaint about Watch Dogs is that the graphics on the PC version of the game had been causing a lag. About a week after Watch Dogs was first released on the computer, Ubisoft released a patch that allowed for the graphics to be top notch, without dragging down the performance.

Of course, the company wasn’t able to offer up the best graphics it could for Watch Dogs on the PC the way it could for the PS4 and the Xbox One.

Now the company is making some changes that gamers have claimed are much needed, when it comes to Watch Dogs multiplayer. According to the company, the fix will help people who have been the victims of others arriving and hacking their game.

“From now on, the victim of a hacking invasion will never lose Notoriety, even if they fail to find the hacker,” reads a dev post on Ubisoft’s forums for Watch Dogs. “In addition, players losing a ctOS Mobile Challenge will never lose Notoriety. As long as they have passed a few checkpoints, they will gain Notoriety, even if they lose the match.”

One drawback of the way that Ubisoft has fixed the problem could make Watch Dogs players now ignore it when their worlds are being invaded by other players. Cinemablend points out that there doesn’t seem to be any reason to worry about an invasion by another player if there’s literally nothing to lose.

The site points out that the multiplayer fix is part of a larger improvement that needs to be made. There are still a number of problems when people jump into another users’ world. Among those problems is that you can land in a rather inopportune location.

The best place to start hacking is a location that has a crowd that you can disappear into. The game doesn’t usually give you this particular place when you first jump into the game. That means that people who do want to fight you off are going to have a slightly easier time of it.

Still, the fix for the notoriety hit is one that should keep people interested in Watch Dogs. Before this fix, people would disconnect just before the notoriety hit was landed.

Now Watch Dogs players will be able to keep on playing, even if they can’t stop the invasion.