Prince George Looks Like Winston Churchill Says Uncle Harry

It used to be said quite often in the U.K. that all babies looked like Britain’s wartime leader, Winston Churchill.

But, with the passing of the years, the comparison is heard less and less. Indeed, many Brits were horrified to discover that new generations of schoolchildren did not even know who he was!

But Prince Harry does know that as Britain’s Prime Minister in WWII, Churchill enjoyed a very close relationship with Prince Harry’s great-grandfather, King George VI. In the fullness of time, baby George will become King George VII, but, for now, he’s just a baby with chubby cheeks.

It’s those cheeks that were the reason for Uncle Harry’s comparison because Churchill also had big rosy cheeks. Unkind historians have pointed out that alcohol may have been a factor in his case, but the British people were willing to overlook Churchill’s foibles and eccentricities as they valued his other qualities.

Prince Harry, currently touring South America, made the remark to Virginia Araya, a local radio reporter, that his nephew’s ‘big chubby cheeks’ gave him a resemblance to the wartime Prime Minister. Prince George will be one year old in July and is probably the best-known baby in the world – and certainly the most photographed.

Harry, 29, was attending a reception in Santiago, Chile, celebrating the official birthday of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. It is the custom for British Embassies throughout the world to invite local politicians, diplomats, and business leaders; this event was hosted by the British ambassador Fiona Clouder.

Prince Harry is possibly the most popular of the current crop of British Royalty, mainly due to his gregarious and open character and his ability to ” enjoy himself” with few inhibitions.

But even he was taken aback when, according to a report in The Telegraph, TV reporter Bernardita Middleton confronted him in the street while wearing a tiara and said to him: “I am a Middleton, like Princess Kate. I be your next wife Harry.” There appears to be no record of his response.

Prior to his arrival in Chile, Harry visited Brazil, where he suffered the indignity of sitting through England’s final World Cup match against Costa Rica.

But, for a certain generation of British people, it was his comparison of Prince George to their hero, Winston Churchill, they will remember.