Big Brother Spoilers: Unlikely Showmance Forming Between Frankie, Zach

Big Brother 16 is off to a fast start, with an unlikely showmance that could be unprecedented on the show.

While this season of the CBS summer reality show is going full steam ahead with a twist that makes two heads of household and four players on the block for eviction, behind the gameplay two players may be already heating up the screen.

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead]

One of the alliances to form early in the game is between Frankie Grande, the brother of pop star Ariana Grande, and Zach. The two have been incredibly close, to the point that many have suspected there could be a budding romance between them.

If true, the relationship would be a Big Brother first. The show tends to cast at least one gay contestant each season, but there has never been a same-sex relationship on the show in any of the past 15 seasons.

That may soon change. Fans watching the show’s 24/7 live feeds have seen Frankie and Zach spending much of their time together, getting playful and crossing the line between friendliness and flirting.

Celeb Dirty Laundry noted:

We’re not sure what to call Frankie and Zach’s rapidly developing relationship. Is it a showmance? Is it just a super cuddly bromance? Maybe Zach is just so comfortable with his sexuality that he has no problem cuddling with another man and literally laying on top of him in bed in front of millions of viewers. And, if that is the case, then kudos to Zach!

Over the course of the last two days, live feed viewers have watched Frankie and Zach become closer and closer. What originated as just a lot of hugging and back rubbing, has escalated to lying in bed holding each other. I guess the real question is, has Frankie revealed his secret identity to Zach. After all, he is unemployed, perhaps he realized he was shacking up with a sibling of pop royalty and decided to cease the opportunity.

The site Big Brother Leak, which keeps up with live feeds and delivers updates to fans, also noted several times that Frankie and Zach were flirtatious. They site also caught some intimate moments between the two.

Frankie and Zach haven’t announced any kind of formal relationship, and Big Brother 16 fans know that allegiances and alliances can change in a heartbeat, but it seems like the show could have its first-ever same-sex showmance.