WWE Money In The Bank 2014: Pay-Per-View Live Results

For those who are unable to watch WWE Money In The Bank 2014 on the WWE Network, The Inquisitr will be providing you with live results, updated when they become available. If you want our exclusive analysis on subscribing to the WWE Network (or not), check out our breakdown review of it.

WWE Money In The Bank technically started out of the shadows of its specialty match, the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. The match had its origins way before the pay-per-view named after it at another pay-per-view, Wrestlemania 21. Back then, it was a match that was exclusive to the superstars of WWE Monday Night RAW, and Edge became the inaugural winner.

Afterwards, WWE Smackdown! superstars would also be included. The MITB ladder match would be only showcased at the “Grandest Stage of Them All” until July of 2010. During that time, a second and third MITB ladder match would be contested. Only this time, it would happen at its own inaugural pay-per-view, WWE Money In The Bank.

Since then, the Money in the Bank ladder match has taken place only at WWE Money in the Bank, making this upcoming pay-per-view similar to WWE Hell in a Cell, WWE Elimination Chamber or WWE Survivor Series, in which its named specialty match is exclusive to the pay-per-view itself.

WWE Money In The Bank 2014

What makes this year’s annual pay-per-view so anticipated is it might be the first time in a long time that the higher-ups, the big wigs, the head honchos are actually listening to what the WWE Universe wants. Besides that, there is plenty of news and tons of rumors we reported on, including the addition of the second MITB ladder match.

We also told our readers it may be inevitable that Randy Orton will win an MITB ladder match for the championship, and Wade Barrett might not participate in the second MITB ladder match (the one for the contract) due to his shoulder injury. It probably doesn’t matter though because it seems the WWE might have spoiled who will win the vacant championship.

WWE Money In The Bank 2014 will take place at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, which is also John Cena’s hometown. This will also be the fifth annual event within this pay-per-view series. It will officially start at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST. The WWE Money In The Bank Kick-Off 2014 will air 30 minutes (7:30 p.m EST/4:30 p.m. PST) before the pay-per-view.

During the kick-off show, the former champion who was stripped of the title due to his neck injury, Daniel Bryan, will be on for discussion. Just like WWE Extreme Rules 2014 and WWE Payback 2014, this pay-per-view is only available on the WWE Network. DirectTV and Dish Network will no longer provide an option to purchase the pay-per-view.

The official match card for WWE Money In The Bank 2014 is listed below, along with match description provided by the WWE from their official WWE Money In The Bank 2014 page. This article will update with initial results once they become available.

Big E vs. Rusev (Singles Match)

“This Sunday at WWE Money in the Bank, Big E and Rusev will clash in a match of international proportions. Which patriotic pugilist will reign supreme?”

*Rusev defeats Big E via submission with the Accolade*

Adam Rose vs. Paul Revere (Damian Sandow)

“In an impromptu match made on the fly at the pay-per-view, Paul Revere wants to warn Boston that the idiots are coming. Who are the idiots? Why they are Adam Rose and the Rosebud crew! In this epic showdown, who will win?”

*Adam Rose defeats Paul Revere (Damian Sandow) via pinfall after the Party Foul*

Goldust & Stardust vs. Rybaxel (Tag Team Match)

“This Sunday at Money in the Bank, LIVE on WWE Network & pay-per-view, Goldust and his painted partner, Stardust, answer the challenge of the always imposing duo of RybAxel.”

*Goldust & Stardust defeat Rybaxel via pinfall after Stardust uses a roll-up pin on Curtis Axel*

Summer Rae vs. Layla (Singles Match w/ Fandango as Special Guest Referee)

“Where will Fandango stand at Money in the Bank when he serves as the guest referee for a showdown between two Divas who’ve proclaimed their love for him: Summer Rae and Layla?”

*Layla defeats Summer Rae via pinfall after a Roundhouse Kick*

Paige vs. Naomi (WWE Divas Championship Match)

“After defeating Paige in a non-title match on WWE Main Event last week, Naomi has earned the opportunity to challenge for the Divas Championship this Sunday at Money in the Bank!”

*Paige defeats Naomi via pinfall after an Implant DDT to retain the WWE Divas Championship*

The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family (WWE Tag Team Championships Match)

“The Wyatt Family has been on the roll and now they have the opportunity to get gold from The Usos. Will the Usos be able to retain against the disciples of the pedagogue who asks us all to ‘Follow the Buzzards’?”

*The Usos defeat The Wyatt Family via pinfall after Jey Uso hits Erick Rowan with the Superfly Splash to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships*

Money In The Bank Ladder Match (Money In The Bank Contract)

“This Sunday at Money in the Bank, seven of WWE’s premier Superstars will use steel ladders to pulverize each other in the hopes of capturing the career-changing WWE World Heavyweight Title Match contract.”

*Seth Rollins attains the Money In The Bank Contract with an assist by Kane*

Money In The Bank Ladder Match (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

“Which Superstar in the main event Ladder Match will leave Boston’s TD Garden as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Find out who the WWE.com editorial staff, including Joey Styles and Hall of Famer Howard Finkel, pick to win.”

*John Cena attains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to become the New WWE World Heavyweight Champion *