Justin Bieber Teases New Music Amid Signs Of Selena Gomez Split

Justin Bieber previews new music on Instagram as signs appear that his reunion with Selena Gomez may have hit the ropes, or at the very least be out of the honeymoon phase of last week.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's reunion may already be over, according to reports and the on-again, off-again couple's social media activities. More on that below.

But, on Friday Bieber kept it all about the music as he previewed a snippet of new song on Instagram.

The 20-year-old singer tweeted a dance video, captioned: "Work now play later."

In the clip, Justin and two dancers -- Nick DeMoura, longtime choreographer and another -- go through their paces in a rehearsal in which the trio showcase slinky, urban dance steps backed by an electro-R&B track.

Bieber sported khaki sweats for the dance rehearsal with white slip-ons and a black baseball cap, while the dancers wore black.

(Video via Instagram.)

While the title of the new song isn't revealed, the second dancer Instagrammed and tweeted a snippet of lyrics from the song.

It read: "You ain't gotta contemplate. Come on baby. Keep goin' baby (sic)."

There's no word on whether Bieber's song tease is a cut off his new in-progress album, or a a standalone track, or collaboration -- like his vocal add to Trey Song's "Foreign" (remix) -- which features on Songz's new Trigga album.

Speaking to MTV News earlier this month about his collaboration with Bieber, Trey said:

"I'm elated for people to hear how [Bieber] sounds on it, because the first reaction I get from a lot of people is: 'Who is that?' Because you don't expect him to be on a record like that."

"It's incredible. We've seen Justin Bieber grow in the last few years. People have a lot of opinions on how he's chosen to live his life in a lot of ways, but one thing we can't deny is that musically, he's evolved," Trey added.

"Last year he went out on an edge and made the world - basically - accept him doing R&B."

Bieber released his confessional R&B Journals album on iTunes last year. Since then he's released a slew of free songs, including the outstanding "Looking For You", which saw him collaborate with Atlanta rap trio Migos.

A glimpse of Justin in action in the studio recording vocals on the banger was released by World Star Hip Hop on Friday.

Meanwhile, Jelena appears to have hit a snag. A big one.

The rollercoaster pair have been seen on a string of dates since last week, following Bieber's posting of an emotive Instagram on June 11 during the N-word videos storm.

It was captioned: "Our love is Unconditional."

Recent insider reports claim Justin is "doting" on Selena and that the pair are "inseparable."

However, E! News reported this past week that Chantel Jeffries -- a gal pal of Bieber's who rode shotgun in that Lamborghini before he was arrested on suspicion of DUI in January -- and her pal stayed at Justin's new Beverley Hills condo and were seen leaving one morning.

While it's possible Jeffries' visit was platonic, it is noteworthy amid recent photos of Bieber looking at the breasts of model, mother of one and actress Amber Rose, while partying in Los Angeles Thursday night.

Bieber seems to be behaving like a young, single man again.

Justin Bieber Ogles Amber Rose

(Photo: Amber Rose and Bieber in LA, Thursday June 26.)

In addition, Gomez reportedly "Liked" -- then deleted --- an Instagram post of Bieber gal pal, model Ashley Moore earlier this week, after Justin previously also commented under Moore's post, writing:

"Wonder who this is for?"

Moore's comment, which was sent to another site user, read: "Your words mean nothing to me when they are spoken to every girl."

Whether Ashley intended her comment for Bieber or not, Gomez's subsequent "Liking" -- and deleting -- of it is significant.

Perhaps even more worryingly for Gomez is Bieber's Friday follow of a very pretty girl on Instagram called Kayla Phillips.

Justin Bieber Liked Kayla Phillips On Instagram

(Photo: Bieber is now following Philiips on Instagram.)

Readers may recall Justin met previous gal pal, Miami Senior High School student Yovanna Ventura, the same way.

For her part, Selena's Instagram posts yesterday suggest she is drawing comfort from her friends during what may already be the end of her reunion with Justin. Or as good as.

The actress-singer was photographed at the famous gay bar The Abbey Food & Bar in West Hollywood on Friday, June 27.

Bieber was nowhere to be seen.

Come on Jelena, get it together.

Selena Gomez

(Photo: Gomez with friends at The Abbey including vocal coach Steve Mackie.)

Justin bieber And Selena Gomez

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