Shailene Woodley Comes To Miley Cyrus’ Defense

Shailene Woodley, 22, and Jennifer Lawrence, 23, have been mentioned in the same sentence a lot recently, but it’s hard to think of a time when Woodley was in the same sentence as Miley Cyrus, 21. Well, now is that time as Woodley recently came to Miley’s defense. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Woodley defended Cyrus’ actions saying it’s really none of anyone’s business what the former Hannah Montana star does:

“Miley isn’t rude or mean or cruel to anyone in her actions. She just does herself. And regardless of whether you agree with what she’s doing or not, it’s none of your business what she does. She’s not in the world doing mean things. Why are all these parents or all these people freaking out about Miley being herself? If you don’t want your kids to watch it, you know, you can change that situation at home, but don’t make a big deal of what she’s doing. Make a big deal about the bullies at school who are beating kids up.”

Cyrus’ most recent criticisms that Woodley appears to be defending her from are aimed at what goes on at her concerts on her current tour. The Christian Post reports that parents who have brought their kids to her concerts are unhappy with the amount of sexual movements being performed on stage during the concerts by Miley and the other performers. The article also pointed to an interview with Fuse News, where Miley defended the content of her concerts:

“Even though parents probably won’t think this, I think my show is educational for kids. They’re going to be exposed to art most people don’t know about. People are taught to look at things so black and white, especially in small towns. I’m excited to take this tour to places where [art] like this wouldn’t be accepted, where kids wouldn’t learn about this different kind of art.”

If one were to judge Miley Cyrus and Shailene Woodley from the lifestyles they reportedly live, it might be hard to think about Woodley defending the singer. Vanity Fair reports that the actress has become known for living a minimalist life, at least by Hollywood standards, where Woodley has everything she owns in a suitcase, currently sleeps on couches at her friends’ homes when she’s not working, and does not use social media. If one were to listen read more of the actress’ interviews, however, they would learn that Woodley looks up to women who aren’t bothered by the opinions of others, according to the Huffington Post:

“People that I look up to in life are people who make a difference, and brave, strong women. The greatest people who have inspired me in my life don’t go out trying to be a role model. They just are devoted… and they’re not afraid of what other people think of them.”

Miley hasn’t responded to Shailene Woodley’s comments yet.