Tori Spelling Pregnant: Actress Reportedly Making Desperate Attempt To Save Marriage

Tori Spelling is trying to get pregnant in what insiders say is a last-ditch attempt to save her troubled marriage with Dean McDermott.

Sources say that Tori was looking for Dean to make some kind of commitment to her after he was caught cheating. According to Star Magazine, Dean offered to have another baby with Tori, and she jumped at the chance.

There is no official word whether Tori Spelling is pregnant, but some media outlets are speculating that her recent weight loss could be due to a bout with morning sickness. They also note that Dean McDermott left Canada, where he was filming his cooking show, and vowed to making getting pregnant a priority.

If true, the pregnancy would not only be unlikely, but potentially dangerous for Tori Spelling. After giving birth to her son Finn she suffered from placenta previa, a potentially life-threatening condition where the placenta covers part of the cervix.

After a long hospitalization, Tori said she didn’t plan on having any more kids

“I’m not going to be going through another pregnancy,” she told Life & Style last year. “I don’t plan on it.”

Tori admitted that she would always want more kids and loved the “whole feeling of being pregnant,” but seemed to close the door on the idea of actually going through with it.

“I missed Liam’s preschool graduation, Stella’s 4th birthday party, Hattie’s first word,” Spelling told Good Morning America about her long hospital stay., “With Finn, I definitely appreciate every second more with him.”

If Tori Spelling is pregnant, it’s likely that the new addition to her family would play into the actress’s television plans. Tori has put almost her entire life on television, airing her difficulties with Dean McDermott after his cheating scandal. There is even a rumor that she wants to team up with Dean’s mistress, Emily Goodhand, for a television special where Tori confronts the woman he has cheated with.