Ann Coulter Hates Soccer and She Says You Should Hate It Too

Controversial conservative columnist Ann Coulter has managed to do it again. And by it, I mean she has done what she, on so many occasions, has done so well. As American soccer fans come to terms with Team USA’s World Cup loss to Germany today, earlier this week, Ann Coulter likened the entire sport to some type of communistic liberal conspiracy which is eating away at and systematically destroying the moral culture and very fabric of the United States.

That’s a big bold statement indeed, but Ann Coulter’s column this week in The Clarion-Ledger makes no bones about the way she really feels about the world’s most popular sport. Coulter says that if more Americans are watching soccer today, it’s a result of Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 immigration law. The key point here, as stated by Coulter, is if more Americans are watching soccer today than previously. According to Coulter, that’s a big fat lie being propagandized among a natural born population of devout football, baseball, basketball and hockey fans by conniving leftist media outlets like the New York Times. CBS news tells us that Team USA’s tie with Portugal was seen by around 24.7 million viewers. That’s the same number of American viewers that watched the World Cup final in 2010. Given the accuracy of those numbers, it’s no wonder US media outlets would make the claim that soccer has become more popular here in the United States. But that’s all a big lie according to Ann Coulter. CBS News is likely an ultra-liberal co-conspirator anyway. All numbers aside, why, according to Mrs. Coulter, is the mere enjoyment of soccer such a terrible thing?

Ann Coulter goes on in great detail about why good God-fearing Americans should hate soccer (You can read her column here), but for the sake of our own collective sanity, I’ll try to keep this short. Ann Coulter says that soccer has no semblance of individual achievement, no form of athletic expression, no use of your hands (which by nature is suspicious in itself), both boys and girls can play it co-ed (which Ms. Coulter says is bad), there’s not enough fights or injuries, and finally, no one scores that much- which makes the whole game kind of boring. Essentially, Ann Coulter is saying that soccer’s perceived (in her eyes) lack of individual achievement, risk, and violence is exactly why liberals and Europeans like it so much. Who knows, she might have a point there? But to judge the worthiness of an entire nation’s culture and population based on how much they enjoy or don’t enjoy soccer is a pretty far stretch by any count.

The Inquisitr reminds us that Ann Coulter is no stranger to controversy. The last time Ms. Coulter made so many media waves was in 2012 when she used the term “retard” to describe President Obama. There’s very little doubt in my mind that Ann Coulter probably believes that Barack Obama is a soccer fan as well.

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