Katie Cleary’s Late Husband Had Bad Experience With Hormone Therapy And Previously Attempted Suicide

Katie Cleary’s late husband, Andrew Stern, tragically killed himself at a Los Angeles shooting range last Sunday after a tumultuous series of events in his life.

Katie Cleary, a Deal or No Deal model, has faced tough scrutiny and rumors after it was reported that her activity in Cannes with actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Adrian Grenier could have added to her estranged husband’s suicidal state of mind, according to Us Weekly. Photos of Katie Cleary with the actors went public shortly before her husband’s suicide.

Katie Cleary and Leonardo DiCaprio
Katie Cleary with Leonardo DiCaprio in Cannes.

Cleary’s spokesperson told Us Weekly, “Any rumors of any kind of extra-marital relationship are entirely fabricated and completely false.”

The spokesperson added that Katie Cleary’s relationship with DiCaprio at Gotha nightclub in Cannes on May 19, “was fully for the purpose of potential collaboration for environmental and animal welfare issues.”

The same spokesperson said that Katie and her husband were separated amicably.

TMZ reports that Katie Cleary’s husband had undergone a tragic series of events after he underwent hormone replacement therapy for his libido.

According to TMZ, friends of Andrew said that two years ago he began injecting hormones, including growth hormones and testosterone, from a kit he received at a Beverly Hills health and wellness center. Apparently Cleary’s husband had a waning labido and felt lethargic before he began treatment. Andrew experienced horrible mood swings and was very irritable, but he continued the treatment for a year and then suddenly stopped taking the hormones completely.

Andrew’s business soon failed and his marriage to Katie Cleary went sour. Andrew’s friends report that the day before Andrew committed suicide, he was having “a tough day” but that he would be fine.

Andrew Stern tried to commit suicide once before, a few days after filing for divorce from Katie Cleary. New York Daily News reports that a 911 recording revealed that Andrew had visited another gun club after he threatened to take his life at a gun range or through carbon monoxide poisoning.

His mother made the distressful 911 call and reportedly said, “I think my son has gone to the gun place in New Albany (Ohio) to shoot himself…he’s threatening suicide.”

Police responded to the call and found that employees of the gun range had turned Stern away.

Cleary’s mother-in-law told the 911 operator, “He threatened two things: going to the shooting (range), and doing carbon monoxide. But he’s not in the garage, so I’m not worried about the carbon monoxide.”

After his tragic death, a rep for Stern’s family told Us Weekly, “Andrew was an adored son, cherished friend, successful businessman, adventurous athlete, passionate animal rights activist and humanitarian. No one is without flaws, but Andrew was a giving and generous spirit who touched so many lives in a positive way. For those of us who loved him, there will never be an answer to ‘why?’ We choose to honor his memory by remembering how he lived, not how he died.”

Katie Cleary has asked for her privacy through her agent, who told E! News, “We respectfully request her privacy be given at this difficult time and have no more comments on this matter.”

[Photo of Katie Cleary and Andrew Stern Credit: Amy Graves/WireImage]