Andre Johnson’s finger and other NFL training camp injuries

Houston Texans fans and fantasy football owners call all take a collective sigh of relief. All pro Wide receiver Andre Johnson left practices today with a finger injury, and those can be very troublesome for a receiver. The good news is that the injury is not all that serous and he is expected to miss two to three days before returning to his team. The injury is officially being called a dislocation of the left index finger. It is something for Texans and NFL fans to monitor as we work up towards the NFL pre -season.

On Monday it was reported that Detroit Lions rookie DT Nick Fairley had sustained a foot injury, as a native Detroiter I took the report in stride as guys get hurt, this is football after all. Then came news that Fairley was in a walking boot Tuesday at the Lions training facility. For a team that has done a pretty good job in the draft and in free agency it is the first real tangible piece of bad news. Granted we are still a month away from the start of the regular season, but getting a young player reps now goes a long way to his success in the regular season. We shall see on this one.

In Buffalo three of that team’s top draft picks found the sidelines during practice. Marcel Dareus cramped up and was pulled out of the session. Second round pick Aaron Williams was kicked in the back of the head on a passing play, but by far the worse news for Bills fans is third round pick LB Kelvin Sheppard pulled a muscle in his leg. There is no timetable set for his return.