Justin Bieber Flees Scene: Bieber In Trouble For Fleeing Scene Of Paparazzi Accident?

Justin Bieber allegedly flees the scene of a car accident that he was involved in -- but he won't be getting in trouble for it. According to Hollywood Life, Bieber was a passenger in the vehicle so he had every right to leave the scene of the accident without worrying that he did something against the law.

Beverly Hills police Lt. Lincoln Hoshino told HL exclusively:

"If he was passenger in a vehicle and he left the scene of a non-injury accident, then there's no criminal behavior on Mr. Bieber's part. He has no obligation to stay there."
News that Justin Bieber fled the scene of the accident hit the internet pretty quick on Wednesday, but alas, the kid didn't do anything wrong. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Escalade that JB was riding in collided with another vehicle in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. The pop star was not injured in the accident, nor was anyone else involved in the minor crash. The car that Justin was in was reportedly speeding to get away from an onslaught of paparazzi. After the accident, getting Justin out of the way and to safety became a priority.

An insider revealed:

"It is a part of his security detail to get him out of danger at all times — they basically act like he is the president and they are his Secret Service. He would never have left had he been driving."
It sounds like Justin Bieber would flee the scene of an accident, given his recent run-ins with the law, which is likely why people were so quick to click through news stories about his lack of attentiveness to what happened. As you can see in photos posted by News.com, the damage was not awful and that there really was no need for The Biebs to hang around.

At this point, there is some debate over who is to blame for the car crash -- but all of that stuff will shake out eventually. The most important thing is that no one was injured -- and precious Justin Bieber didn't go getting himself in even more trouble than he's already in. According to TMZ, The Biebs is actually being sued for a different accident when he allegedly struck a pedestrian while he was driving his Ferrari. The person injured in that lawsuit says that he may "never recover" from his injuries.

[Photo courtesy of Reuters/Jonathan Alcorn via Salon.com]