Trey Songz Thanks Nicki Minaj in a Big Way

Trey Songz showed his gratitude to Nicki Minaj in the most old fashioned and sincere way this week. According to MTV News, Trey made a big impression… with a whole lot of roses.

That’s right. In return for Nicki Minaj’s collaboration on his new song “Touchin’ Lovin,'” which debuted via stream on MTV Tuesday, the grateful Trey Songz had Minaj’s recording studio filled with roses.

Trey’s efforts seemed to work as a happily surprised Nicki Minaj wrote, “Walked into the studio to this. Whoa! U rlly shldnt have @treysongz” accompanied by the photo she posted on Instagram along with “I’m playing, u should have. Lol. Listen to our song #TouchinLovin.”

MTV News continues to tell us that the roses weren’t the only surprise. Buried among all of those flowers was a hand written note that read “I’m a lil late on the Rosé, so I got you these roses instead. Nicki I love you!!! So proud of you. Your growth is inspiring and beautiful to watch. Very happy and honored for us to do it again.”

The exchange ended when a happily surprised Nicki Minaj posted the note on Instagram and wrote “the honor is all mine, Trey” and “Thank u. #BottomsUp #TouchinLovin.”

According to HipHop DX, Trey’s song, Touchin’ Lovin’ is featured on his new album titled Trigga, and is scheduled for official release on July 1. For those not wishing to wait until Monday to give Trey’s new album a listen, it is currently available as a stream. In addition to Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz’s new album will also feature Justin Bieber and Juicy J. When commenting about the new album, Trey said “this is another dimension of my mind and my emotion.” He went on to tell us that “it’s vulnerable, but it’s harsh. Trigga’s a bit unapologetic, a little vulgar sometimes.” You can see the entire track list on the album and more at HipHop DX.

Trey’s latest album is one in a long line of recent success. Inquisitr tells us that Trey Songz is one of the hottest record producers and rappers in the industry. Since 2005, when Trey released his first album, I Gotta Make It, his career has taken off. And for you lady fans who might be just a little bit jealous about Trey sending Nicki some flowers, don’t worry. Trey isn’t attached to any one lady yet. Inquisitr goes on to tell us in the same article that though the artist often sings about romance and relationships, he hasn’t found that special girl yet.

That doesn’t mean he’s not open to the idea. Trey goes on to say, “When I find somebody that I’m willing to commit my life to a lot of things will change. I won’t spend a million hours in the studio by myself. I think love overpowers all. It get’s very lonely because you turn around and it’s a different girl.”

Regardless of the acclaimed rapper’s relationship status, we wish Trey Songz the best of luck on the success of his new album Trigga and will look forward to listening to more collaborative efforts between Trey and Nicki Minaj in the future.