Pre-order Battlefield 3 on Origin, get access to the beta this September

Quite a day for Battlefield 3 news, isn’t it? First we got word of the retailer-exclusive pre-order incentives available, then came word of a possible online pass system for Battlefield 3, and now we have yet another piece of pre-order bonus news.

EA, in an apparent attempt to outdo all other pre-order incentives, will be offering up access to the Battlefield 3 beta when it kicks off sometime in September for everyone who pre-orders Battlefield 3 through EA’s online store, Origin.

That’s not all you’d be getting, though. Assuming you pre-order the PC version, you’ll also get access to the Physical Warfare pack which, as was revealed earlier, is exclusive to GameStop – on consoles, that is.

As with all other pre-orders, you’ll get the Back to Karkand map pack free of charge when it launches after release. What you won’t get with other pre-orders is two items for Battlefield Play4Free: a beret and an 870 combat shotgun.

You win, EA. You win. I give.

Source: Origin via RespawnAction, Joystiq