Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Search For Missing Plane Could Last ‘Decades’

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is still missing after it went off radar on March 8. There has been no trace of the Boeing 777 or its 239 passengers and crew members since its disappearance. According to NBC News, there really isn’t anything to go on at this point, and with all leads turning up nothing, the search could take years. Search and rescue efforts are still going strong, but it seems like looking for this plane is more difficult than searching for a needle in a haystack.

In a rare interview, commercial director Hugh Dunleavy said:

“When [a plane] hits the ocean it’s like hitting concrete. The wreckage could be spread over a big area. And there are mountains and canyons in that ocean. I think it could take a really long time to find. We’re talking decades.”

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 just vanished on that fateful March night. The mysterious events that happened on board haven’t made sense to anyone — perhaps because all of the details are still not clear. If the plane was in distress, why wasn’t that information relayed to air traffic control? If the plane was hijacked, how did it manage to go off radar with no sign of it anywhere for hours? It seems obvious that whatever happened to flight MH370 was very serious. But was it an intentional act? Or something else?

Dunleavy continued:

“Something untoward happened to that plane. I think it made a turn to come back, then a sequence of events overtook it, and it was unable to return to base.”

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 could have been hijacked — that is still a very real possibility. According to The New York Daily News, investigators have shifted their focus once more. They are now calling the pilot of the plane, Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the “chief suspect.” There have been rumors that he was having trouble at home and that he may have downed the plane because he wanted to end his life. Those claims have been denied by his family and friends, but authorities are still questioning his role in the plane’s sudden and unexplainable disappearance.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, new information has investigators believing that the plane didn’t do anything wonky as initially reported. They now believe that the plane turned around and just flew steadily until it ran out of fuel. Many still believe that the plane is located somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean.

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