Landscape Gardener Killed When Falling Into Wood Chipper In ‘Horrifying’ Accident

In a tragic and horrifying accident in Davie, Florida., a landscape gardener was killed instantly when he accidentally fell into the wood chipper he was using.

The gardener, who was working all day near Southwest 57th Street and Pine Island Drive, fell into the teeth of his wood chipper.

According to eyewitness reports his whole body was pulled in through the wood chipper, and the aftermath was “horrifying.”

A local resident who was at the scene, Joseph Horta, told NBC 6:“I didn’t know what to do, and then a few minutes later, I hear all these sirens. It was a little bit horrifying.”

An attending police officer, Davie Police Captain Dale Engle, spoke to reporters about the effect seeing the tragic accident had on people at the scene:

“This isn’t something you see every day. It’s not something you can just go home and forget about.”

Rescue workers arrived to assist the Davie Police to clean up the scene and undertook the gruesome task of collecting the bloody remains.

Engle continued “I’ve never seen anything like this. This is a gruesome scene.”

Reporters tried to speak to another gardener who was working alongside the victim on the day of the accident, but he refused to speak about it and was clearly traumatized.

Another resident who witnessed the aftermath of the accident told reporters: “I think it’s sad, very sad. Guys were working really hard trying to make a living, and he just made a mistake, I guess.”

The name of the victim in the wood chipper accident in Davie is being withheld until his family are notified of the death.

A full investigation is also underway on behalf of local authorities and law enforcement to try to ascertain what led to the tragic accident.

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