Ashley Benson Files Restraining Order Against Former Guard

Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson has filed a restraining order against a former security guard after he made claims that God told him to become sexually involved with the star.

The security guard in question is 49-year-old James Gorton Jr., who also claims that he and the 24-year-old had a special connection after she looked at him while working on the set of the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars.

It looks like the security guard took Benson’s Pretty Little Liars storyline to the next level when he started to make advances toward the actress. Benson’s character Hannah is known for being stalked, and since Ashley’s privacy and well-being was in danger, Gorton was fired from Warner Bros Studios.

According to Gorton, that one look in his direction was so strong that he believed Ashley was interested in him. Although the security guard was fired after the actress’ safety was compromised, Benson still feels like he may harm her at a place much more private, like her home. Due to this concern, Benson filed a restraining order, which was then obtained by TMZ.

E! Online learned that Benson was very worried about the security guard. “Benson was anxious, worried and fearful when she learned about [his] threatening intentions.”

According to TMZ, the restraining order says that Gorton may stay 100 yards away from the actress. Prior to the restraining order, things got pretty weird on the Warner Bros lot. At one point the security guard believed that they were in a relationship, and after that he made sexual advancements at Benson.

For right now this restraining order is temporary, but a judge will hear the case on July 9 to determine whether or not the restraining order should be extended to a more long term order. After Gorton’s behavior intensified, Benson’s manager Thor Bradwell tipped the actress off about what the man looks like, after he made advancements. According to the report, Benson immediately recognized and identified him as a staff member.

Rick Warmack, who is the VP of studio protection at Warner Bros., said that the former security guard was planning to marry Ashley and wanted the two of them to spread the word of God as a couple and have a fairytale ending. Additionally Gorton thought that Benson was relaying silent communications to him through her character on Pretty Little Liars.

Despite the brief restraining order, Benson is still “concerned and afraid” of what Gorton is capable of.

[Image via ABC Family]