Heidi Montag Is Back On ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’, Says She’s ‘Shocked At How Amazing It Was ‘

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have a hell of a reputation when it comes to reality TV, and this time they’re back in ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap which airs tomorrow.

Montag spoke to FOX411 about the show and how much it meant to her and her husband, especially as they are probably the most vilified couple that reality TV has ever seen.

“I’m a huge fan of the show. So, when we had the opportunity to do it, I just jumped right on it!” she said.

For Heidi Montag, the show was a great chance for her to be authentic for the first time in her life on television. She spoke about the influence her mom had in encouraging her to do the show.

“My mom saw the preview and she told me, ‘I can tell this is the first opportunity that you’ve ever had to be you.’ It’s just great to have that moment. It was really fun to just be more authentic and be in a situation and see what happens.”

It must have been a real culture shock for Montag, who swapped her Southern Californian beach life with Olympic champion Amanda Beard, who lives in an extremely rural part of Washington State.

It also seems that Heidi Montag has had a positive response, so far, on social media, something that could have gone either way: “I’ve had the most positive response from this out of anything I’ve ever done–on Twitter and Instagram–everything.”

Montag says she is excited because the fans are excited. She continued: “People are really excited about this, which I’m really glad about because it’s my favorite thing that we’ve ever done within our careers I’m shocked at how amazing it was. I’m really thrilled with everything, from beginning to end.”

Having gotten on like a house on fire with the Beards’ two kids, Blaise Ray and Doone Isla, Montag spoke about how caring for the two kids made her think about becoming a mother:

“I think when Doone fell asleep on me the first night, I mean, it just really solidified my longing for motherhood–it was everything I thought it would be. It was really fun to be able to have the kids there and have that experience of having little ones. It’s something that I very much look forward to in my future.”

It remains to be seen whether or not Heidi Montag can convince Spencer Pratt to have children. For now, make sure you tune-in tomorrow night for ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap to see more of the reality couple.

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