Would You Stop Someone That Was Stealing From The Homeless? Shocking Video Shows How Many People Just Don’t Care

In a very revealing social experiment, one group took to the streets of New York City to find out just how many people would choose to look the other way when they observed someone stealing from a homeless man.

YouTube channel ModelPranksters set up hidden cameras to capture people’s reactions as they witnessed the crime in action, only to find out that the gender of the thief played a large role in whether or not they would say something.

For the first half of the video, the social experiment used a woman that would kneel down and pocket a couple of dollars from the homeless man’s collection jar.

Many people gave a second look, but after an hour of conducting the experiment only one man said something to the woman.

For the second portion, a man walking down the street took his turn at grabbing a few bucks from the homeless man’s stash. In this instance, the man is approached almost immediately with demands that he return the money he had just stolen.

This scene repeats itself multiple times, offering up an interesting look into exactly how people react to the different genders in the circumstance.

Putting the gender point aside, the issue that exists in this situation is the large amount of people that chose to keep walking. Seeing their lack of action is certainly concerning, but how many people can say they would’ve reacted differently?

Those who did speak up were an encouragement to see, as it is always important to say something if you see something!

How would you have reacted in this social experiment involving stealing from the homeless? Would you have spoken up and said something? Or would you have chosen to keep walking so not to get involved?

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[H/T Viral Nova]