Couple Treaded Water 14 Hours: Couple Falls Off Boat, Drifts For 14 Hours Before Rescue

A couple treaded water for 14 hours after falling off a boat in Key Largo. According to NewsOXY, Sean McGovern, 50 and Mellisa Morris, 52, were not wearing life jackets when they fell off the 30-foot boat. They were unable to get anyone’s attention and were left stranded in the ocean. The couple drifted nearly 70 miles by the time they were spotted by a group of off-duty policemen and firefighters who were on a fishing trip early Saturday morning near Fort Lauderdale.

According to The Christian Post, rescuers are calling this a “miracle.” U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Mark Barney said:

“It was a miracle they were able to tread water that long and were safely recovered.”

The couple that treaded water for 14 hours could barely move when they were pulled into the rescue boat. Officials say that the couple wouldn’t have survived if they had been out on the open water for another 30-60 minutes. The two are extremely lucky to have been found. There were reportedly only a handful of boats out on the water on Saturday morning. Chances are, no one would have seen Morris and McGovern if McGovern didn’t flag them down. While trying to keep himself alive, McGovern was able to remove his white shirt and wave it in the air — it’s exactly the thing that saved his life (and Mellisa’s life).

Steve Couch, who aided in the rescue, said:

“Personally, I was surprised. I was amazed that they lasted that long in the water. I’ve just never seen something like that before. Well, maybe God put us over there to save them, you know? Who knows why?”

The couple that treaded water for 14 hours suffered from mild hypothermia and jellyfish stings but they will both be okay. Both of them have a lot to be thankful for — and if they ever do decide to go out on a boat again, perhaps they will be more mindful of their surroundings (and they should wear life jackets).

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, another ocean rescue saved a man’s life this month. A kayaker was making his way from Monterrey, California to Hawaii. Eight days into his trip, the solar panel on his rig failed and he was stuck in the middle of the ocean with no way to recharge his electronic equipment. Three days later, the disoriented man sent out a distress signal. He was rescued by the Coast Guard and was also lucky to be alive at the time he was found.

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