‘Taxpayer Will Always Fund Me,’ Says Woman Who Got Free Boob Job, Now Rides Taxis Free

Josie Cunningham, the 24-year-old mom of two who claims to have Britain’s “most controversial boobs,” now says that her taxpayer-funded breast-enlargement surgery has sparked such hatred against her that she can’t ride the bus around her hometown of Leeds, England. So now she gets free cab rides, too, on the public dime.

And on Monday, Cunningham — now four months pregnant with her third child, whose unknown father, she says, may be a one of her “clients” from her work as a high-priced call girl — took to Twitter to taunt the public with a selfie taken during one of her publicly subsidized taxi rides.

— Josie Cunningham (@JosieCOnline) June 23, 2014

While Britain’s National Health Service does not fund cosmetic surgery unless it’s a medical necessity, Cunningham’s doctor said it was. The woman was born with a condition that prevents her from growing breast tissue of her own.

And she says that the public outpouring of hate she has received since news of her taxpayer-funded breast surgery became public has made it impossible for her to take her two children, ages three and six, to school and pre-school on the bus. The Leeds City Council granted her the free taxi pass in order to get her kids to school.

But Cunningham says the public should be happy she’s not getting free limo rides.

“Why should I foot the bill when it’s the public who cause me so much discomfort? I’m too well recognized and the amount of hate I receive makes it impossible to get public transport,” said Cunningham in a recent interview in the British press. “Taxpayers should be grateful it’s only taxi fares and not private hire cars.”

The taxi rides are estimated to cost the public £6,000 — more than $10,000 — per year. Her boob job cost £4,800, or about $8,100.

While Cunningham says that she has been victimized by a frightening torrent of public hatred, her critics say she brought the whole unpleasant situation on herself by what they say is her relentless quest for publicity.

Earlier this year, Cunningham announced that she was planning to abort her current pregnancy because it would get in the way of her aspiration to get on the reality TV show Big Brother, a threat that she did not carry out.

It was Josie Cunningham herself who went to the press with the news that she had received the free breast-enlargement surgery in the first place, and she then posed for photographs topless except for a narrow ribbon bearing the NHS logo obscuring her nipples.

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