Shouldn’t An Airline Know The Difference Between Granada And Grenada? Think Again

Airlines ferry thousands of people to hundreds of destinations every day. Though the logistics is mind-boggling, there are multiple check-points to ensure you are being flown to the destination that you intended. However, for this unfortunate couple, the travel arrangements were bungled in the most unfortunate of ways and they ended up in an entirely different destination than what was originally planned.

Thinking of problems associated with air-travel, one might think of getting the wrong meal, or missing baggage. At worst, you might miss a flight and get stuck at the airport, but for Edward Gamson, an American dentist, and his partner, the duo ended up on the wrong continent. Looking to relax and enjoy the architectural treasures of the Spanish town of Granada, the couple booked a flight with British Airway.

But when they stepped out of the plane, they found themselves over 6,400 kilometers from their destination, reported Metro. Edward and his partner had landed in Grenada, an island in the Caribbean. While Granada is quite famous for its architectural treasures dating back to the medieval times, Grenada is a picturesque island that offers sun-kissed beaches. Though both offer a perfect getaway from the chaos of the city, one is certainly no substitute to the other and, more importantly, both are on different continents.

Interestingly, the duo was completely clueless even while in the air. However, it was only when they glanced at the electronic map on the in-flight entertainment system and noticed their plane was heading due west out of London that they became suspicious something had gone terribly wrong, reported Deccan Chronicle. But it was apparently too late because, about nine hours later, the pair found themselves over 6,400 km away from their intended destination, on the Caribbean holiday island of Grenada.

The poor couple are accusing BA’s American booking agents back in Florida of having botched up their travel itinerary. The duo is seeking damages and the claim filed before the U.S. courts by Gamson mentions the reason for the mix-up. The electronic tickets referred only to “Grenada”, without showing the airport code, destination country or flight duration.

As for the damages, BA quickly issued an official apology and agreed to fly the couple, at the company’s expense, to Granada. Moreover, BA even agreed they will foot the bill for the couple’s return journey when they decide they have had enough of Granada.

Interestingly, these similar sounding destinations had claimed victims on earlier occasions as well. It appears airlines will now have to come up with clear demarcations to avoid such costly mistakes.

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