Mom Forces Six Kids To Go Car Surfing Due To Wet Swimsuits, Four Children Injured In Accident

A drunk mom named Kisha Young had six kids go car surfing on her vehicle as they drove home, which ended in disaster when four of the children were injured as a result.

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Young, 39, of Crowley, Texas, took six kids ranging in age from eight to 14 to a local swimming pool for a day of fun. Four of these children were her own but two of the kids belonged to a 31-year-old friend who came along for the ride. But after they were done Young did not want wet swimsuits to ruin the upholstery in her Chevy Malibu. So instead of figuring out a good solution like waiting for them to dry, both mothers instead had all six kids attempt car surfing on their short drive back home.

Witnesses to the car surfing say they were astonished to see Young driving around with her kids holding on for dear life on the rooftop. Astonishment turned to shock when four of the children went flying from the car when Young took a sharp turn. She kept on driving, leaving the injured lying in the street.

Eventually, she realized she was missing some kids and circled back to find them — but only because a passerby flagged her down. The most seriously injured out of the four children had to be flown to a hospital in Fort Worth and is still hospitalized from a serious head injury. Doctors are saying it is very serious and it will be “touch and go” from here on out.

Police on the scene discovered that the mother was also apparently drunk since she failed a field sobriety test with a breathalyzer. She was arrested on suspicion of intoxication assault, which is a third-degree criminal felony. The crazy part is that the other mother was also the passenger in the front seat and police are discussing bringing additional charges against the not-so-motherly duo.

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